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Since this website went live, I have received many emails from you (thank you!). Not all the emails are for booking appointments. Some of you sent me jokes (please keep them coming), some told me a bit about themselves, some sent me photos of themselves, some sent me feedbacks on my massage (they have been posted on the 'Testimonial' page) and some asked me really useful questions about my practise. Here I share some of the questions and my original answers. They are 100% real. I tried to keep my answers unchanged, but some of the questions have been modified in order to protect the identity of the persons who asked them. I chose to share them because I think other people may have similar questions. Others I chose because they are funny. I thank all the people who sent me emails so far. Thank you for your kindness, warmth and support. I love you all.


This page will be continuously renewed to include more questions. Please keep your emails coming!

I notice all of your testimonials are from 2014 and 2015 in Hong Kong. Have you only recently started offering the service in Perth and that is why you have no testimonials from the last 7 years?

Thank you for your lovely email.

Yes, I have recently relocated to Australia and literally started to offer massage last month. I have not had time to renew the content of my website so all the testimonials are old.

*Added by Rebecca (1/5/23): New testimonials are added and I will continue to put them up when I have time. Gigi doesn't know how to do that by herself. This website was built by yours sincerely in 2014 but I do not have time to maintain it as often as I want to. Gigi has received hundreds of testimonials since 2015 but I will start putting up the newer ones from her Australian clients first. Those from Hong Kong between 2015 to 2020 are probably less relevant to her new clients and will be posted when I have more time.

Is it a full body oil massage? Is a hand or blowjob included?

My massage is FBSM (full body sensual massage). I will be happy to give you a release (by hand) if you want. Definitely NO blowjob!


Are there any discounts/promotions available? 

Sorry no discount.

*Added by Rebecca (1/5/23): Gigi told me she wanted to give her old clients from Hong Kong a whopping 50% off in her new Perth studio. If you have been massaged by Gigi in Hong Kong and if you can produce old emails or text massages from Gigi about your previous sessions (or if Gigi remembers you), you pay 50% less.


Hello Gigi... What do you think makes you different to the other tantric massages that I experienced before?

Thank you for your interest in my massage. I have not received a tantric massage from anyone other than my teacher, so I have no idea what the tantric massage you experienced was like. It is impossible for me to point out what makes my tantric massage different.

I do not pretend to my massage is unique. I am always learning. You can know about my tantric massage from the What is Tantric page of my website. 

Some masseuses offer a different type of tantric massage. They put oil on their naked bodies and massage you with their bodies. I have never tried those massages myself, but I am sure they are very enjoyable. My tantric massage is more focused by using my hands to deliver light touches on your bodies. To connect with you, especially during lingam worshipping. I will manually pleasure for lingam for a long time, up to 60 min, in a 120 min session. The prolonged stimulation of lingam will lead to a whole body orgasm experience in many clients.

May I ask why you want my massage to be different from your past good experience? If they are good, why not repeating them? I would rather you tell me how those experiences are like, and to help you re-creating them!

As I have said in my website, it is very difficult to "talk" about a massage. It must be experienced. You are welcome to try me if you want. There are also many other talented and beautiful masseuses in Australia at the moment. I hope you will find what you want.


You say on your website your barely speak any English, yet your writing is perfect. Is Gigi one person or there are other people involved? 

Hahaha, I fooled you? My conversation English is very bad. But my writing is okay, because I can use google translator and I can carefully build my sentences when I have peace and time.

Most of the questions I got are very common. I have answered those questions hundreds of time. Mostly I just copy and paste from existing answers. I have friends who translated those standard questions for me. I wish I have more people to help me with writings. But right now I am doing this alone. The website was made by a client. I pay for it by giving her massage.


With a prolonged 1 hour lingam massage, would climaxing be common more than once?

It is a difficult question. You should know that each experience is unique and depends on the connections between the provider and the receiver. 

It is quite common to climax in the end of the tantric massage if you want. But some clients prefer not to release at all. I am an expert in ejaculation control, so if a client tells me he does not want to climax, I will make sure he does not. Most clients (90%) prefer to climax.

Experienced tantra receivers usually prefer not to climax, as this enables them to achieve multiple orgasms within a short time. Some people describe this as whole body orgasm, very similar to the orgasm we women experience. 

What about climaxing more than once? Again it depends on the client, his age, health and mood. I had a client two days ago. He released three times in the course of 60 min. If he wants, why not? 

So, no general answer to your question. Like other forms of personal communication, each tantric massage is a one-off event. Don't think about it as a formula. 


I am interested in both your deep tissue and tantric massage. Would you recommend that I book a deep tissue first or try the tantric? 

Deep tissue and tantric are complementary. One is not a precursor of another. Many clients do both on the same day. 

If you cannot decide which one to try, I always suggest clients to try the cheaper one first. If you are comfortable with me and like my massage, you can try tantric massage another time. Also, if you have never experienced erotic massage before, you may not be comfortable with the level of intimacy in tantric massage. 


Can you give my wife a sensual massage?

I want to be honest with you about something. 99% of my clients are men. Ironically, even though I am woman myself, I understand more about sexual responses of men than women. I can massage women sensually, and I do so in my private life, but doing so professionally is very, very difficult. Men's reactions are visual. We women are very complex. I can massage women based on my own experience of touching myself, but other women may not like it.

I had an unhappy client recently. I massaged her but she did not like it at all. The fact that her boyfriend insisted of paying me made me feel even worse afterward.

Most women do not like being touched by strangers. I need to slowly build up her trust and desire. It is very difficult to do in two hours and I have no confidence I can do that. 

I massage people not just for money. I need money to survive but my mission is to give people happiness and relaxation. I have considered this all morning. My conclusion is I should not take this job if I have no confidence to give your wife satisfaction. If I take this job, I will be dishonest. 

But I want to tell you I appreciate you too much. You love your wife very much and I feel warm for her. She is very fortunate to have you.

Thank you for asking me. There are many talented masseuses in Hong Kong. I hope you can find the best one for your wife. 


May I see your arm muscles during my massage please?

My arm muscles are under my skin, even I haven’t seen them myself....


I might either do deep or tantric, can I decide when I'm there?

Sorry you can't do that. The reason is I need to set up the studio differently for the two kinds of massage. I can't just switch from one setup to another immediately. Usually my clients specify one type of massage when booking. If they want to try another kind, they will book another appointment.


You say on your advertisements to go to your website for more photos but I seen none of you. I like to see what you look like. How can I see? 

All the photos on my website are mine. For personal reasons, I do not like to show my face on the Internet. You haven't missed much, as I look very ordinary. 

You seem like a very nice gentleman. I am sure you will respect my boundary. I prefer not to send you photos that show my face. I am sure you will easily find another masseuse who understands your request. Australia is full of beautiful and talented masseuses. Thank you for your understanding.


Can you do 4 hand massage?

Sorry I have only one pair of hands....


How old are you?

Why aren't you answering? Are you still there? How old are you?

You didn't get it? I am not answering you because it is impolite of you to ask this question. 

Take the hint. 


What is the difference between your deep tissue and tantric massage? Do both involve genital stimulation?

Both deep tissue and tantric massages involve penis stimulation and climax (if you want). Deep tissue massage is more for the release of body tiredness. Genital massage is a part of the general bodywork. 

Tantric massage is focused almost entirely on your lingam (penis). It starts with light body touches, but the bulk of the session will be on lingam worshipping. 

I would say the former is more therapeutic and the latter is more sensual.

Please watch the video links I put in the What is tantric page of my website. My tantric massage is very similar to those, except I won't be naked.


Do you take credit card/EPS/foreign currency/bitcoin....?

No. Only cash. Australian dollars.


Are you the real deal?

I do not know what a real deal is. I always give my whole life of training in each massage. I am certainly not the best masseuse in Hong Kong, not even close. But I work my best. 

There are many great masseuses in the world. It is my dream to reach their level. Maybe I will never be, but I am learning everyday. 


Are the testimonials real? Did you only show the good ones?

I can swear that they are 100% real. I was very amazed, and honoured by how many clients actually bothered to send me their feedbacks after their sessions. You will be surprised to hear that more than 50% of clients so far have written me testimonials. We have posted most of them on the website. I have to be very honest with you: I did not post ALL the comments, but not for the reason you think. Comments that are too similar to the ones that are already posted are not included. Also, some comments are too explicit and personal. I omitted those because I worried that they might breach the privacy of the senders. 

I must confess to you that a small number of feedbacks are negative. I am considering showing them on the website as well. But I can assure you that NONE of the negative comments are about my massage. Almost all these criticisms concerns my refusal of letting people touch me. I sincerely apologised to those unhappy clients. I can only suggest them to try other massesues. 


Can you send me more photos of your studio?

No. I am not prepared to reveal everything about my massage and my studio. Sometimes it is because I want to keep an element of surprise. Sometimes it is because I don’t want other masseuses to imitate me. All I can tell you is my studio is very quiet and (at least I think) very comfortable. You can have shower there and I have clean towels for you.

If you decide not to come because you can't see a photo of my studio, I understand. There are many talented masseuses in Perth. I hope you can find one who can satisfy your request. 


I was wondering if you would consider training me in tantric massage?  

Actually I regularly teach clients how to do tantric massage. I was so busy everyday I do not have time to update my website to include this service. 

Tantric massage is very good to help couples increasing their joy in bedroom and help their relationship. Many clients ask me to show them how to massage their partners. Usually I will meet the couple in their home or in a hotel room. 


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