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The goal of my tantric massage is to help you relax through liberating your sexual energy. I aim to raise your sexual energy and help you channel it to other areas of your life. I will start with the tantric greeting ritual, and then proceed to gently touch your whole body. My touch will be light as feathers, with special focus on your lingam. My extended worship of your lingam will heighten your senses to a level you have never experienced before. This massage is a highly sensual experience. I hope you could let go of yourself, especially the moral construct of feeling embarrassed of being touched sensually. Your climax, in every sense of the word, can be heightened by prostate massage, which will be provided only on request.

What really is tantric massage? Look here


45 min         A$180

60 min        A$240

90 min        A$350

120 min      A$400 (Recommended)


An additional fee of A$100 will be included if prostate massage is requested.

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