Gigi's rules


Please understand that I do have some personal boundaries. Unlike other tantrika providers, I will not be naked. I shall remain clothed throughout the session. I will wear my yoga apparel, which is more comfortable to me and less distracting to you. Second, the massage is not mutual: I prefer you not to touch me unless I put your hand on my body or I give you explicit consent. These two points are very important to me, and I sincerely thank you for respecting them.


My massage, especially the tantric massage, is erotic but not sexual. You won’t have sex with me, or anyone during the session, and my massage will never NEVER go towards that direction, no matter how many times you ask.


I do not expect tips, therefore, the rates shown here are what you are going to pay. There is no need to give me any tips. If you like my massage, please come again. If you really want to show your appreciation, please send me a short testimonial so that I can show it to other clients. If you really, really like my massage, a box of chocolate goes really far! Oh by the way, I only accept cash.


Gigi's outcall policy

For first time clients, I do not go to private residences, including service apartments. I will only go to hotels where I can register my name at the front desk before coming to your room. I am sorry about this, as your relaxation is always my highest priority. But you have no idea how vulnerable my position is. If I know you better, usually after several sessions together, I will consider massaging you in the comfort of your home.