I have been asked by many clients to teach them how to pleasure their wives and girlfriends, as they are having some intimacy problems. I bet most men know the female anatomy and the techniques of arousal. There is no secret to it. The lesson they need, however, is more about how to open themselves up for intimacy. And this is the area of tantra, something I can help! So, I started to give tutorials on how to give a female tantric massages. Over the past four months, I have received overwhelmingly positive feedbacks about this workshop. 


Now, this workshop, previously offered exclusively to VIPs, is ready for you to try. In the lesson, you and I will practice on the body of a teaching assistant. She is extremely open minded  about your visible body reactions, as well as her own, during the session. Since she is very patient, you don’t need to worry when you are learning, practicing and exploring. She is also happy to give you immediate feedbacks on how your touches make her feel.


For more detail about this exceptional new package, please send me an email.