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Please send me your testimonial if you like my massage. Just email me (same email account as in Booking)

"It was a joy to see you again after three years. It's touching to know that you didn't forget me. In fact, I was rather moved to see you were so happy when I talked into your new studio. Gigi, you haven't changed a bit after so many years and you haven't lost a bit of your legendary skill. I travel a lot but nothing I have tried in all these countries came even close to your skill. I wish you very very happy in Australia and will see you around the next time I come to Perth." Tony, 18/4/2023


"Never have I shoot so much and so far. It's literally like a water fountain. I never thought my body was capable of doing this." Anonymous, 16/4/2023


"Saw your ad and checked out your website.... Your shop is in a quiet neighbourhood within 5 min drive from Perth CBD. I was skeptical at first but you opened the door to a real tantra temple, with candles and thick mat. Your hands are so soft. You took me through a full 90 min of ecstasy. Afterwards I felt so relaxed yet excited at the same time. I have never experienced anything like that in my life..."  Anonymous, 11/4/2023


"Any chance you will move to Melbourne?" 10/4/2023


"So everyone is leaving Hong Kong and now you as well. Without you where are we going to get authentic tantric massage without funny business?" Anonymous, 10/4/2023


"Thank you for notifying me of your relocation. It's good to know you are well and have moved to Australia! Those Ozzies are lucky they got you all for themselves. I will definitely email you again when I am traveling to Western Australia. I wish you all the best. Love," Anonymous, 5/4/2023


"The start was a surprise. The standing bit and how much I enjoyed it. While I had my eyes closed most of the time for me if I had felt your skin against mine it would have raised it a whole level. Was a fantastic start.

On the day I had 2 orgasams. The first was without ejectulation. It was probably one of the most amazing experiences I have had. I remember you asking me if I was alright.  It was like a fire ball starting in my balls and shooting up my spine and exploding in my head.

Absolutely amazing."

W, 7/9/2014



"When I saw Mount Fuji for the first time, I cried. I have seen numerous photos of it since I was a small girl, but the emotion of seeing it for real for the first time still overwhelmed me completely, When Gigi massaged me for the first time about a month ago, I cried a little bit too. I cried because I found myself frustrated at the loss of words for describing how good she was. It was like being systematically taken apart by her, and then she reassembled my body again in a slightly better way. Gigi since then has become a good friend, a sister, a mother figure to me. I have yet to try her "sensual" massage (I am a wimp) but if she is as good in that department as her deep tissue massage, god bless you guys. She is a wonderful soul, a natural healer, the most feminine woman I have ever met."

Rebecca 18/9/2014 



"你像一個魔術師,不斷地讓我硬變軟... 你很了解人體結構。我以前去過按”邪骨”, 但和你的感覺我完全不同。你雖然也是按摩我敏感部位, 但我完全沒有感到色情污秽。相反,感覺就像做了保健。"

WM (Time of session: 21/9/2014)



"To say GiGi is the Queen of massage is an massive understatement. Her deep tissue massage is something to behold. Gentle back walking, and a deep, powerful massage had the stress flowing out of me. Then came the secret technique many have spoken about. Arousing my penis with light brushing mixed with heavy stroking, I soon came to the edge. This is where GiGi uses her control technique to gently release the urge to cum and my penis went soft, only for her to start up again to attain full hardness. After 5 such efforts, She switched to the relief part of the massage. After the build up of her magic hands, it was a massive explosion that shook my body. Never have I cum so hard or for so long."

T (Time of writing: 23/9/2014)



"Thank you for your wonderful massage today.... Your studio is so elegant and clean, and your massage was out of this world. Everything happened in those two sessions was so perfect, including the pear you insisted of giving me when I left! It was so sweet of you to do that."

David (Time of session: 24/9/2014. Time of writing: 24/9/2014)



"你的工作室那么干净舒适......我每天都走过那小楼,猜不到最好的按摩就在楼上。我只試了你的deep tissue按摩。没有机会尝试密宗按摩... 你的按摩可以媲美一些大酒店的水疗按摩."

DW (Time of session: 25/9/2014. Time of writing: 27/9/2014)



"Gigi, your skill just blew me away. I have never had a massage quite like that. My hands are still shaking with excitement now. 

Thank you for allowing me to extend my appointment last night. Sorry for causing you to work until 12:30am.... you are amazing."

ZH (Time of session: 1/10/2014. Time of writing: 2/10/2014)



"You gave me the message I was looking for since a long time. The atmosphere you create, your devotion, your massage skills, your timing ... you guided me with perfection through this intimite experience!

I am looking forward to repeat this outstanding experience with you very soon ...

I hope that my comments will help you to find clients who are looking for your professional and respectful approach of tantra. People who can estimate your service to his true value. And of course, you should not forget that your location is very charming."

KB (Time of session: 30/9/2014, Time of writing: 2/10/2014) 



"Thank you for your massage this afternoon.... To be very honest, I never expected I could have such a strong erection again, given my age. It is not an exaggeration to say you have worked miracles... To become hard again without drug, to have such a strong orgasm again... is to be alive again. My wholehearted gratitude."

ZG (Time of session: 10/10/2014, Time of writing: 10/10/2014)



"Thank you for the amazing afternoon. Your studio is beautiful. Expect to see me there regularly from now on!"

CC (Time of session: 11/10/2014, Time of writing: 11/10/2014)



"Gigi, you took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions today. What an experience. I waited for days for my appointment, as you were always fully booked. I now understand the reason. I didn't realise you gave so much in your massage. Now I know why you said you could only massage a limited number of clients every day. You have really given it all, haven't you? You were completely dripping in sweat after the massage. When you embraced me, I could feel that even your hair was dripping in sweat, which in itself was an extremely sexy thing to me. In this fast food age, your dedication and the pride you take in your job are admirable. I wish you all the success in the world."

TT (Time of session: 15/10/2014, Time of writing: 15/10/2014)



"I want to Thank you for the amazing experience today.  I fell in love with your soul and your touch. Truly amazing.. I want to see you everyday..

I will write about my experience and you can share:

I met Gigi on what is usually her day off.  Which she so kindly offered since I have been trying to schedule an appointment with her but she was fully booked during the times I was available. I would have to say it was very worth the wait. Her Tantric massage was earth shattering!  She is a true master of this.  I can't say enough.  I experienced multiple orgasms that literally shook my body.. They were so incredibally deep.  I have never experienced anything like it.  She is a true Goddess.   

If you can truly relax your body, soul and mind. Gigi will take you to a place you never knew existed."

MT (Time of session: 3/11/2014. Time of writing: 3/11/2014)



"As I wait for my flight home, I just want to write you to say thank you for all the wonderful massages.  They are the most relaxing and amazing experiences.  I like talking to you, too.  I think you are a very kind and caring person.  I want to thank you for the tips on food to eat and exercises to do myself so I can be healthier. You don't make extra money by telling me these things, but I think you really care about your clients.  I am going to really miss your massages."

LC (Time of session: 15/11/2014, 16/11/2014, 18/11/2014)



"I understand you have your "boundaries" but I will say this anyway: I am a bit in love with you. I know nothing is going to happen. I couldn't even touch your arm during the massage. So please just accept this as an appreciation."

GT (Time of session: 10/11/2014, 12/11/2014, 13-16/11/2014)



"During the tantric session, I felt a tingling feeling all over the body. A warm wave spread from my chest to my limbs. Was that the mythical "whole body orgasm"? I didn't know it was real. 

You are a beautiful soul, aren't you? I like your total focus during my massage. Such professionalism. And I love your mysterious smile! See you when I come back to Hong Kong next year."

TM (Time of session: 16/11/2014)



"Thank you for the "rules". Seeing them on your website is actually the reason I contacted you. The absence of nudity or sex put my mind at ease. I wanted a relaxing time, not to have any dealings with sex workers. Thank you for being so discreet, and so proud of your profession."

YY (Time of session: 17/11/2014)



"Just a short note to thank you for your great massage.

Gigi, I want to tell you something. When you opened the door and saw me, you had fear in your eyes. I thought you were ill. Then you were pleased when you found out I can speak Chinese. I was shocked to hear that you were assaulted last week and had to lock yourself in the bathroom in order to protect yourself... Also another guy ran off without paying [the full fee]. These people make me feel ashamed of being an [nationality withheld]. I want you to know there are also nice people in my country. Please don't hate my country."




"Thank you very much for your massage yesterday. I have read so many testimonials on your website but nothing can compared to the real experience. I wish you all the best."

TK (Time of session: 24/11/2014, Time of writing: 25/11/2014



"Gigi, why do you insist of not accepting any tips? I am a frequent patron of outcall massage and I know how much other therapists crave for extra tips. Last time you almost cried and lost your temper [Gigi explains: he tried to tip her last time and refused to take it back when she didn't accept]. This time you accepted my chocolate. This made me very happy. I had to smile when you open the pantry door - the entire cupboard was packed full of chocolate, all from your clients. Oh Gigi, you are such a legend!"

MM (Time of session: 12/9/2014, 27/11/2014)



"Your tantric workshop was great! The idea sounded silly at first but when I was doing it I was shaking with excitement. It was like my boyhood fantasy comes true... You and your assistant were laughing and playing all the time. This relaxed me a lot. The whole atmosphere was light hearted and I didn't feel awkward or "dirty" at all. Your asistant was so sexy, every inch of her body oozed sexual energy. I couldn't believe she reacted so strongly and she [withheld on request from Gigi's assistant]!! I still have her scent on my hand and this makes me hard again. What an experience. It's like living out the dream of any 15 year old boy. I feel 15 again."

WLC (Time of session: 30/11/2014)



"The studio is so beautiful! I never thought Hong Kong has a tantric studio like this... Tantric massage has always been a byword for overpriced happy ending massage. You obviously are formally trained... Tantric massage has landed on Hong Kong in a big way!"

TB (Time of session: 14/12/2014, TIme of writing: 14/12/2014)



"Before coming to you, I have tried many so-called tantric massages in Hong Kong.... Then I saw a review of you on the sex141 website, which basically said you are the only real tantric masseuse in Hong Kong. You are amazing! I am so glad I found you and I have to thank the writer of the 141 review. Without his report I would never have found your website."

CC (Time of session: 21/12/2014)



"Thank you for the wonderful massage. It was the most amazing experience of my life."

Craig (Time of session: 15/1/2015, Time of writing: 16/1/2015)



"I'm glad I met you Gigi. You have a very special talent to make people happy at a different level than they are used to and you do it in a way that feels comfortable and natural. I hope you get to receive much pleasure in your personal life after giving so much in your professional life. I hope that translates properly : )"

WT (Time of session: Multiple, Time of writing: 16/4/2015)



"You made me cum and cum and cum." (X Chen, Time of session, 24/1/2015) [Gigi's remark: This client was referring to my prostate stimulation. Because of the direct stimulation of the prostate organ, it is possible to overcome to the post-ejaculation reflex that suppresses further orgasm, and enable him to climax continuously for a long time.]



"看你的網頁以為是騙人的, 試過之後沒法不承認你的技術真的超手乎想象."

Mr Li (Time of session: 26/1/2015, Time of writing: 2/2/2015)



"There were moments during the massage I almost lost my control and want to hold you and kiss you. Your body and your scent were just so overwhelming. But you won't allow me to touch you. It is tortorous. Every time I walked out of your studio I swore not to come back, but after a few week my body demands me to see you. It is not fair."

TK (Time of session: Multiple, Time of writing: 23/2/2015) [Gigi's comment: I have a basic boundary, no touching. I am sorry to cause your suffering. I do not do that intentionally. There are many masseuses who are better than me and are happy to let you go all the way. I always recommend my clients to see them if they need.]



"Your tantric workshop was the most erotic thing I have ever done!" (Time of session: 4/4/2015)













"I was fortunate enough to book an appointment with the wonderful Gigi on Friday afternoon and I have to say, what an uplifting and magical experience it was. 

For me anyway.

Gigi had to work with a quivering wreck who has no idea how to breathe correctly or how to relax.

Gigi was most understanding and guided me through the experience with the utmost professionalism and grace, turning it into what I can only describe as truly life changing moment for me.

I had no idea that feeling like those that I experienced existed. At one point, she touched my forehead and something happened that absolutely blow my mind. I still don’t know what it was or how it happened but it was exquisite.

Gigi has been in touch with me since to advise me to concentrate and practice my breathing technique, which I’ll take on board and hopefully present her with a new blank canvas to practice her wonderful art on.

Thanks so much for opening up a whole new world for me to look into and embrace Gigi.

You are an absolute star.

See you next week for some more enlightenment."

Robert, 29/4/2023

"Gigi, you are a beautiful soul who genuinely cares about the physical and mental wellbeing of your customers. I really felt a soul to soul connection with you during these 90 min... so many women out there are just after quick money, while you are seriously using your craft to serve your customer. I could see the joy in your eyes when you massaged me. You are just fantastic!" Anonymous, 22/4/2023

"I am writing this in my car. This afternoon was an emotional experience to me. I never expected that. After our session today I felt the urge to visit your website again and look at your photos and writings. After experiencing your tantric massage, everything you wrote on your website starts to make sense. I read and reread your customers' testimonials and found myself now in a privileged place to be able to understand what they talked about. Before visiting you, I didn't understand why so many men wrote so much about you but now I get it. Time with you was such an emotional experience that the first thing I want to do afterward was to read these testimonials again and to write down mine. 

Z, 20/4/2023


"Just let you know that I really enjoyed the treatment today, including the 15 min massage you gave me after the tantric treatment. You are a very special lady." A, 18/4/2023


"A very enjoyable afternoon of tantric massage at Gigi's new studio, I think this cozy place will become the destination for me whenever I long for a session of penis pleasuring exercise!"

N, 17/9/2014



"Amazing technique"

J, 20/9/2014



"Gigi came to meet me in a short stay hotel in TST.... she has a special technique of making your penis hard and then soft again by sqeezing your testicles and ankles alternatively. At first I tried to work out how she did it, then I observed in awe. She totally took over the control of my penis. There was nothing I could do. Hard, then soft again. That night she made me hard and soft again ten times. At last, she said it's time to release. Within one minute I climaxed. When I cum, it shot over my chest, over my head, all the way on to the wall behinf me. I heard the sound of my cum hitting the wall. That was the most amazing ejaculation I have experienced.... When she left I asked her how she did that.Her English is not very good. She wrote something on her phone and showed me: "National secret".

T (Time of session: 16/8/2014, Time of writing: 20/9/2014)



"I live far out in [name of the place withheld].... Gigi came all the way to my home to give me a tantric massage.... She must have spent 1.5 hours on the road to reach my home. She was half an hour early and waited outside my house. I heard she was already here only because of my dogs (they scared the shit out of her). She didn't want to ring the bell before the appointed time. After the massage, which was heavenly, for reasons I still don't understand, she refused to accept my taxi money, not even a tip. She kept saying she did not take taxi (her English was not good at all). After she sent me an email thanking me. She said she had never been to [name of the place withheld] before. What a eccentric girl.

John (Time of session: 14/9/2014, Time of writing: 21/9/2014)





D (Time of session: 24/9/2014. Time of writing: 24/9/2104)



"At long last there is a provider of genuine tantric massage in Hong Kong! You are the answer of many people's prayers. Where have you been hiding all these years?"

Alan C (Time of session: 26/9/2014. Time of writing: 26/9/2014)



"Gigi, to be honest, that was perhaps the most intense experience I have ever had.  It was wonderful.  It was as though I wanted the experience to last longer and longer. 

I enjoyed your sensual touch and the softness of your skin."

C (Time of writing: 27/9/2014)



"Fantastic!" G (Time of session: 30/9/2014, Time of writing: 2/10/2014)



"密宗按摩令我大開眼界... 一小時連綿不絕的高潮.... 我謝謝你細心為我一步步解釋每一個細節, 還教我方法為自己保健."

DW (Time of session: 1/10/2014, Time of writing: 3/10/2014)



"Gigi you are amazing.... I have been masturbating, sometimes daily, for the past 30 years, how can you be so much better in this than me - and you are not even a man! I don't mean to be rude, what I wanted to say is how can you understand a guy's intimate sensation of pleasure so well? ... Watching you masturbate me for one full hour made me feel lucky to be living in this city."

TH (Time of session: 7/10/2014, Time of writing: 8/10/2014)



"Are you the real McCoy? You are not only the real McCoy, you are a fucking legend!"

BA (Time of session: 14/10/2014, Time of writing: 15/10/2014)



"Gigi, thank you for today's massage..... Amazing.... I have never encountered a massage therapist who is so determined in refusing tips. Other massesues work for tips, and some of them go to great length in order to extract as much tips as possible. You are the first and only one who chased me down the stairs to give me back my change AND forced me to accept an apple from you. Everything about you: your massage, your personal style, your studio, your website... are totally different from the usual, cheap Hong Kong way. So refreshing...."

YO (Time of session: 14/10/2014, Time of writing: 14/10/2014)



"Even though I read Gigi's website thoroughly and did my research on tantric massages, the experience was beyond all expectations.  It is true that, like others, I had the most mind-blowing ejaculation, but as Gigi will tell you, ejaculation is really not the point. The best part of the massage is the extended or "full body" orgasm.  Of the massages I had with Gigi, the ones without ejaculation were actually the most intense.  I felt tingly all over from head to toe that can best be described as a natural high, a state of lightness and relaxation and euphoria that is beyond words.  Gigi is a true master at what she does, and she takes great pride in her work.  I cannot thank Gigi enough for making me realize that my body can produce such as an amazingly intense experience."    

LC (Time of session: 17/10/2014; 18/10/2104, Time of writing: 24/10/2014)



"I wanted to tell you something funny...  when you arrived, you told me to take a shower.  I tried to tell you that I had taken a shower just 10 minutes before you arrived... so I did not need to.  You kept motioning me to take a shower.  I kept trying to say I already did.  Finally, I gave up and took another shower!  I thought it was very funny.  Next time I should keep my computer open with Google Translate so we can type to each other ;-) 

If you are going to post my opinion of the massage... I thought it was wonderful, personal, intimate and spiritually satisfying.  It's a unique and intense experience that everyone should have the chance to experience.  I thank you for sharing it with me."

FR (Time of session: 4/11/2014)



"Gigi, no reading of testimonials was enough to prepare me for your massage. You are a real massage therapist. There is no funny business, no hidden agenda, and definitely no dirty trick. Your technique is rock solid and you know it.... after experiencing your massage it's hard to go back..."

Mr Chan (Time of session: 15/11/2014)



"In the darkness, you generated the level of intimacy and relaxation I have never experienced before. The sensation of your delicate skin touching mine and your scent was amazing. I wish I booked a longer session but had a flight to catch. When you told me in your email that some people booked you for 8 hour sessions, I didn't believe you. Now I wish I did the same!"

DB (Time of session: 16/11/2014)



"[Tantric workshop taught by Gigi] was one of the most erotic experiences in my life so far. You showed me how to massage a woman, demonstrated yoni pleasuring to me. You were holding my hand, guided my fingers on your assistant's body. It was exciting to see how she responded to my touch. It was even more tantalising to have you leaning so close to you, whispering your instruction into my ear. I hope your assistant was ok. She was a bit embarrassed after cumming so hard. You know female orgasm very well... I tried your tricks on my girlfriend tonight. She was amazed. I just told her I learned them from the internet."

MW (Time of session: 18/11/2014)



"I did tantric massage in Hong Kong before.... they just get naked and then rub their bodies on my back. Your massage is a league on your own. You told me some people didn't like your style, complaining that it was too "slow". Please don't worry. Your way is the right way. Some people just can't be pleased. If they want hot bodies rubbing on their faces, there are plenty of those women available in Hong Kong. This city deserves one masseuse with brilliant skills and who refuses to sell her body... I will refer you to my friends. Please don't let those people get to you."

FY (Time of session: 19/11/2014)



"No one else has ever spent so much time on my penis. Not even myself. I have never been so hard for so long. Amazing technique."

WN (Time of session: 22/11/2014)



"It is hard for all your clients not to fall a little in love with you GiGi. Your massages are so perfect. The delicate strokes of your fingers never fail to relax and excite. The back stepping and hand massage always puts me in a calm and relaxed state, while the gentle stroking of my testicles always makes me anticipate the coming ejaculation. When you finally wrap your slender fingers around my penis, you must see and feel it's hardness. Your technique, so different to all the others, builds the sexual tension for such a time, that the eventual explosive ejaculation comes with all of us falling a little bit in love with you. We know it is impossible, but for that hour, you are so focussed on our pleasure, it is heaven."

T (Time of writing: 20/12/2014)



"I am so glad you are willing to do a combined deep tissue and tantric massage for me. And it is very flattering to hear that you designed it for me. It was out of this world! If you offer this to other clients you will be the most famous massage therapist of this planet!"

CWW (Time of session 24/12/2014, 25/12/2014, 26/12/2014, 28/12/2014, 1/3/2015)



"Your tantric tutorial is one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had."

TW (Time of session: 2/1/2015)



"Your new one hour tantric massage is spot on for a guy like me. I can't last very long, and longer sessions would be too expensive for me."

GG (Time of session: 10/1/2015)



"I learned a lot from your tantric workshop. My only criticism is that it is forbiddingly expensive. Please consider reducing the price."

Mr To (Time of session: 12/1/2015)



"Love the 60 min session. I'd rather doing a 60 min session twice in a wekk than doing a single 120 min session. I don't understand why some people can book a 5 hour tantric massage." [Gigi's remark: Tantric is about slowness; it is not a fast food. She doesn't think 60 min is enough.]

DS (Time of session: 14/1/2015)



"Gigi is the only massage therapist in the world who refuses to accept tipping. While I do not understand her reasons, I find this practice very refreshing." AU (Time of session: 2/2/2015, 3/2/2015, 4/2/2015, Time of writing: 20/2/2015)



"Your tantric workshop is a great idea. Thank you and your assistant for a wonderful time." LKF (Time of session: 4/3/2015)



"The tantric workshop is great. I though it would be awesome but my anxiety vanished the moment I saw your assistant. She is a natural! She was so receptive to my touch and she honestly gave me feedbacks throughout the session. In my life, all my female partners either faked it all the way, or showed me a face of indifference. You and your assistant were completely different. Your assistant really described her reactions to my touch and told me how to improve it. This open-mindedness is very important to me. You may not realise but you are doing mankind a great favour. Endless tension is caused by the refusal of the females to open up and give us feedbacks. They fake in front of you and then tell stories behind your back....

Gigi, thank you for everything you have done for me. You are a very special woman and you continually impress me with your character. I think you are one of the miracle workers among us. One day the world will catch up, and come to recognise your great work." ABC (Time of session: Multiple, Time of writing: 10/4/2105)



"I did not realise how successful you are until you showed me the room by the bathroom. It was literally filled from floor to ceiling with chocolate. Your clients love you!" (Time of session: 12/12/2014, 23/2/2015, Time of writing: 23/2/2015)



"GiGi Tantric Massage. Sure, it's not for everyone, but if you are looking for more than just a hand job, look no further. Gigi's wonderful apartment in Sheung Wan welcome you with a clean and classy area. Gigi fully involves herself in the massage, giving it her all to ensure the focus is on the client. Please don't expect to touch or molest her, that is not what this massage is about. Gigi, you took me on a journey, and while the object may not necessarily be ejaculation, I couldn't hold it in. After an hour of being worshiped by you, the pulsing jets of cum were a testament to your magic. Never have I cum so hard." TT (Time of session: 27/2/2015, Time of writing: 3/3/2015)



"So much fun with you and your assistant! She was voluptuous! First time I witness XXXX which previously thought was an urban myth. I hope she is alright now" (Time of session: 15/3/2015) [Rebecca's remark: "XXXX" was removed on Gigi's request]




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