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Everyday I receive emails from people wanting to know exactly what tantric massage is. Usually I send them links from my website and elsewhere that introduce the concept of tantra. But, "concept" is not enough for you, isn't it? 

Many of you asked if I could make a video on my tantric session, something we are now seriously considering. (If you are interested in participating,  please send me an email.)

Meanwhile, I have decided to offer any beginner an 45 min introductory session. This PRIMER is not a real tantric session: 45 min is not enough to create the necessary mood for a tantric experience! The purpose of this special primer is to demonstrate a number of tantric techniques, including breathing exercise, lingam pleasuring and ejaculation control. The point is for you to know what a full length tantric massage would be like, so that you can decide whether to go for a genuine tantric experience in future.

Click here for rates.

Click here to book.

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