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 A Gift to Myself 

Hilary Chan is one of the most prominent female photographers of Hong Kong. She did an amazing job in making me feel relaxed during the photo shoot. Hilary is Chinese, and when I met her I was amazed by how nice and beautiful she is. She made me feel (for a brief moment) sexy and beautiful too. 


These photos are a gift I give myself. Since Hilary is extremely skillful, she made me look much much MUCH nicer than I really am in real life. Still, I love these photos and want to share them with you. All the photos used in this website are from that photo session. Here are more. I am sorry we have to put some logos over them to avoid them being mis-used by people. Also, they have all been re-framed (sorry, Hilary!) in order to avoid showing my face. I do not want to post photos of my face on the Internet, not because I am ashamed of my appearance, but because I want to absolutely separate my work and my personal life. The privacy of myself and my beloved ones is very important to me. 

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