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Giving massage is more than just a job to me. It is a passion. Therefore I always feel very frustrated and embarrassed when I am not able to give my very best in a massage session.


I have noticed that my performance in deep tissue massage in outcall has not been up to my own standard. I have discussed with and apologised to the affected clients about this. The reason is that the beds in hotels or regular households are not suitable for deep tissue massage. They are usally too big, so that I need to kneel next to you while massaging (instead of standing). As the beds are also too soft, no matter how hard I press, I cannot reach deep into your tissues. This means I have use much much greater force than I usually use, and still the massage I give would be very mediocre. This is very frustrating to me.


My deep tissue massage only works when you are on a professional massage table. Without it, I feel it is dishonest of me to give you a substandard massage and charge you money. 


Therefore, as of October 1, 2014, I will only provide deep tissue massage in my studio. 

If you really want to receive my deep tissue massage at your hotel or home, it is still possible. However, I have one condition. I need to bring my massage table to your place. Though foldable, the massage table is quite heavy, and I am a little woman. I would like you to pay for its transportation (about HK$250, but it depends on where your place is). You pay the "man with a van", not me. Also, because I will need to set up the table at your place, I would like to charge an extra $500 (i.e., on the top of the standard massage fee). This is very important to me. It maybe far simpler (and cheaper) for you to hop on a taxi or MTR and come to my studio! I am very, very sorry for this, but only this way can ensure the standard of my massage. 


Of course, these extra charges will be waived if you have a professional massage table at your home. Then, I will happily massage you at your place, and the rate is the same as incall.


How about tantric massage?  It won't be affected as it is supposed to be given in a bed, not on massage table. I will happily give you a tantric massage at your place or in my studio. The rate will be the same.



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